«Nothing is what it seems»


Nothing is what it seems… we have all used or heard this expression at some point. 

Everything we see or perceive, what we hear, is just one of the manifestations of what is actually happening. A vision, a limited perception of everything that happens in our worlds, limited and biased.

I totally agree with this definition that I found on google, especially with the last part. «A vision, a limited perception…» the word limit does not allow us to see beyond. That reminds me that something similar happens with fashion. What attracts us? How does fashion conquer us? Well, with one of the 5 senses of the human being, sight, although then there is also touch. The touch of the garments on our skins is important. However, the view is the main thing and even more so now that we buy a lot online. But beware, sometimes nothing is what it seems and we cannot trust the first thing we see when buying online. 

Today I want to show you three dresses that came to me from the website

The first dress is a maxi dress with a cut on the leg.

A very simple garment perfect for day to day. The second is the typical white linen dress that never fails every summer.

And the third one is my favorite without a doubt! It is very comfortable, cool and I love the cut it has!

Nothing is what it seems or rather if it is what it seems! 1 of 3 as you can see, I only wear one dress per size issue. garments run large and when I say large, size S is large. A friend makes that size and it was too big for her, I guess the S is more like an M, anyway there is a size guide on the web. 

What do you think of the three dresses on the website? 

What you liked most? 

Do you tell me

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See you on the blog and on the warrior networks! 😉 

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  1. anital512 dice:

    Howdy Guapa! I’ve always knew you have a knack to write in perfect English! You’re awesome! ❤️By the way, I totally love the way you start this post by writing, “Not everything is what is seems”. It does remind me of the phrase, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” If you think about it, it applies also to online buying & fashion because you see the image on a screen & when arrives at your doorstep, surprise! You see the real “McCoy!” In other words, you literally have the product (the real deal!) right in front of you.
    All 3 dresses you show on this post are really gorgeous! The one dress you wear with the flowers totally reminds me of the golden poppies. Totally love it! And by the way, the dress looks fabulously superb & cute on you. You know Guapa, you mention about the size being a bit large & this reminds me of the whole concept of “oversize fashion”. Think about Guapa. It’s totally trendy! I know sometimes sizes can be a bit bigger when you buy something online, but you know the saying, “when you encounter some kinks, you improvise!” Totally love everything about this post! Wishing you a wonderful day Guapa! 💙

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